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  1. The 'Transardennaise' on bicycle

    The 'Transardennaise' on bicycle

    The 'Transardennaise' on bicycle
    This GTA route linking La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon will plunge you into the heart of the Belgian Ardennes in the Luxembourg province. Riding along the little country paths by bike/electric bike you will explore the valleys of the Ourthe, the Lesse and the Semois. Take 3 days to cover this 164km self-guided ride!  Learn More

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  2. The 'Transardennaise' on foot

    The 'Transardennaise' on foot

    The 'Transardennaise' on foot
    The great GTA route « The Transardennaise » leads you from La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon, 2 ancient medieval cities nestled in heart of the Ardennes forest. A self-guided walk across the Belgian Ardenees covering 160km in 7 days over 7 stages, which can be modified to suit your time and abilities, has become mythical over time. Learn More

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  3. The 'Transardennaise' on horseback

    The 'Transardennaise' on horseback

    The 'Transardennaise' on horseback
    On horseback, the Transardennaise itinerary will take you through peaceful landscapes. The itinerary is different to that of the Transardennaise on foot from La Roche to Bouillon. Each evening your horse will be put up in a horse farm. You will leave the Ourthe valley to join the forests of St-Hubert and the Lesse and Semois valleys passing by Nassogne,... Learn More

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  4. The 'Transgaumaise' on foot

    The 'Transgaumaise' on foot

    The 'Transgaumaise' on foot
    During this circular 140km GTA walk (5 days of walking) you will explore the Gaume, the “Little Belgian Provence” and will also take you into France, as far as Avioth. You will take a self-guided walk through the Lorraine Gaumaise as well as the Belgian Lorraine. You will also walk as far as Orval and its Cistercian abbey, a renowned place of interest in... Learn More

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  5. The Transardennaise by mountain bike

    The Transardennaise by mountain...

    The Transardennaise by mountain bike
    Considered as one of the most beautiful walking routes in Belgium, the Transardennaise takes you through the forests of the authentic Ardennes, through splendid forests and the enchanting countryside of the Luxembourg province. Learn More

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  6. The Valleys of the Ourthe and Laval path

    The Valleys of the Ourthe and...

    The Valleys of the Ourthe and Laval path
    This 105km star-shaped walk (5 marked out GTA walks) will help you explore the forests of the Ardennes (Belgian Luxembourg) and the Ourthe and the Laval river valleys at your own pace. Over five days you will explore the villages and hamlets of the commune of Sainte-Ode, located in the centre of the Belgian Ardennes. If you are into walking tourism, this... Learn More

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  7. Ultra-Marathon La Transardennaise Trail

    Ultra-Marathon La...

    Ultra-Marathon La Transardennaise Trail
    Undertake the self-guided ultra-marathon which takes place on the Transardennaise covering over 160 KM of marked out routes. Ideal training for a self-guided run. The forest heart of the Ardennes is waiting for you ! Explore it in your time over a 5 day marathon!  Learn More

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  8. Week-end d'orientation en Ardenne

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  9. Week-end en jeep Willy's

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  10. New
    Week-end Tables secrètes en Ardenne

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